Top 5 Nursing Web Resources

January 13, 2012 at 5:45 am

I’ve checked out a lot of websites and web resources which focus on health care, nurse news and job information and there are a few tried and true ones that I have come to depend upon. I thought I’d share this information with you as you pursue your RN to BSN degree. When you know where to look for information, it helps with time management and these sites can become a valuable friend.

1) – I don’t know how many times I’ve used this resource for finding information for this blog. From valuable interview skills to surviving nursing school to interacting with patients, this site has a ton of great information. I also love the sense of humor it brings to an otherwise stressful or frustrating occupation. Its people in the know writing to their peers.

2) – This site is also perfect for getting job finding tips, locating nursing conferences and events and for getting the latest online nursing news. It’s quite a bit more serious and cut and dry than Scrubs Magazine, but it has a ton of practical information for current nurses and for those who are just entering the field.

3) – Want to know the latest news stories in health care? This is an in depth site that also sends out daily posts on the top stories. I check this site almost daily to report to you on the most current trends, strikes and reports that impact nurses and those in the medical field.

4) Google Alerts – I discovered this great tool when I started blogging. Type in and you can get up to the moment stories on whatever topic you are interested in. You can choose how often, what time of day and what media you want sent to your e-mail address. I’ve selected topics such as RN to BSN news, nursing news, etc. but it would also be perfect for San Francisco nursing jobs, BSN jobs, etc. to keep you updated on the nursing world.

5) – Okay, this one may seem a little lame, but the government’s reports concerning the Bureau of Labor Statistics is pretty cool if you want to keep tabs on where nurses make the most money, what the job market projections look like and where the most job growth is.

So those are my favorite sites to stay up-to-date on the nursing world. Hopefully as a student getting an online RN to BSN degree, you’ll find this information as valuable as I have.