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Happy Veterans Day from Unitek College!

November 12, 2013 at 1:06 am

November 11th is a day to celebrate veterans – to honor their service and generosity to our country. Veterans should be honored every day, but today is especially important, as we formally recognize the sacrifices they have made. Nurses and other health care professionals play a large role in the U.S. Military, often without the recognition they deserve. Nurses in the Military serve at home and abroad, caring for all military personnel and their families.

Happy Veterans Day from Unitek College

Happy Veterans Day from Unitek College

Unitek College is proud to offer veterans the opportunity to take the skills they learned in enlisted service, and apply them towards a health care career, by using their Veterans Benefits towards Unitek College tuition. The majority of healthcare training programs offered by Unitek College are VA approved. The school provides Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) accredited training in fast-growing careers such as Medical AssistingPharmacy TechnicianVocational NursingRegistered Nursing, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Degree.

On this holiday, and every day, Unitek College would like to extend our sincere appreciation and support to all those who have or are serving our country.

Unitek College Guest of Honor: Congressman Swalwell

August 7, 2013 at 11:45 pm
Congressman Swalwell speaks at Unitek College graduation.

Congressman Swalwell speaks at Unitek College.

Congressman Eric Swalwell left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance at Unitek College’s allied health and nursing graduation on Saturday July 27th. His speech was both enthralling and inspiring: it began with laughs from the audience, then brought some to tears, and ended with the entire room feeling motivated and confident in their ability to make a difference in the world. Staying true to his nickname, the “Technology Rep”, he whipped out his phone as soon as he stepped on stage, to take a quick Vine video of the grads. He posted it to his Twitter account (@RepSwalwell) before graduation was even over.

As the youngest member of Congress, you may think Swalwell led a privileged life, the child of well-connected parents. And this is simply not the case. Like many Unitek College graduates, he worked hard to get where he is today. When he lost his college scholarship as the result of a soccer injury, he took an unpaid internship in Washington DC. Just to get by, Swalwell maintained a standard intern schedule, but worked from 5AM to 8AM at a gym, and from 5PM to 10PM at a restaurant. He commended the many graduates in the audience who also overcame adversity before being able to walk across the stage that weekend. Swalwell noted one in particular: she came to the United States and learned English as a second language. She attended Unitek College while working a full time job and mothering to two young children. And now, her perseverance has paid off: she is a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Swalwell said, “You have to stubbornly pursue your dreams, even if others tell you that you cannot do it.”

Swalwell went on to talk about the bright futures of the graduates sitting in front of him. He noted that they are entering the medical field, a field that is constantly changing and improving and being revolutionized by technology. But technology will never replace the human touch of a nurse. He spoke to the graduates about the ever-present need for the human touch: “In our sickest times, in our lowest times, during the times we need help the most, there is no ‘app for that’. There is you.”

“Technology will replace a lot of things in our lives and in the medical field, but it will not replace the care, attentiveness, knowledge and skills needed to make our patients better. And that is why it’s so important we have qualified nurses entering the field today.” Unitek College is proud of this weekend’s graduates, as they have most definitely proven that they have the compassion, knowledge, and skills necessary to be effective allied health and nursing professionals.

Swalwell challenged the grads to remember how they got to where they are today: their own hard work and resilient spirit, and the support of others. “You did not make it here on your own,” he said, “Find someone you can help. Someone pulled you up. Now it is encumbered upon you, as you start your career, to reach down and pull somebody else up.” Speaking directly to the grads, he said, “There will be challenges. But never forget why you started, an unequivocal desire to help others.”

Online BSN Degrees Looked Upon Favorably by Employers

July 31, 2013 at 10:03 pm

Nurses looking to obtain a higher degree, and the increased job opportunities that come with it, face a bit of a dilemma – between 12-hour shifts, family duties, and a hectic life in general, the time required to earn a degree is just not available. Yet nurses with advanced degrees are more in demand than ever. An increased government focus on healthcare and an aging U.S. population are increasing the need for highly educated nurses. In response, many schools are now offering online RN to BSN degree programs. Online RN to BSN programs offer the flexibility that traditional RN to BSN programs could not, allowing working nurses to finally find the time to continue their education.

Employers appreciate advanced nursing degrees

Online is more commonplace than ever

Distance learning programs have been around for just as long as brick and mortar colleges. Starting in the early 1800s, teachers would send assignments to students through mail, who would complete them and mail them back to receive the next assignment. Distance learning has come a long way since then. Today more than 10 million post-secondary students are taking online college courses. That number is expected to rise, as many brick and mortar college programs are incorporating distance learning into their programs as well. Online nursing degrees are more than just commonplace; they are accepted and appreciated by employers.

Online degrees looked upon favorably

Not only are online degrees more common, they are looked upon favorably by hiring managers. Employers recognize the fact that obtaining an online degree can only be accomplished by someone who can manage time, is motivated to work hard, and can set and achieve goals.  A CNN report found that 83% of executives agree that an online degree is just as credible as one earned on-campus (Source: Data found at http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/worklife/03/29/cb.employers.online.education/index.html).

Online advantage

For most working nurses who want to pursue nurse management roles or nurse instructor opportunities, an online BSN degree offers the chance to do so. An online BSN degree offers the chance to further your education without giving up everything else in order to do so. No driving to campus, sitting in class, rearranging work and family schedules around a rigid class curriculum. Online BSN degrees offer flexibility in schedules, convenience to learn when you have time, and the same curriculum and training as a traditional nursing program.

About Unitek College

Unitek College is a healthcare training school with three convenient locations in Northern California, including Fremont, Sacramento, and San Jose. Unitek College offers various healthcare programs, for any stage of your healthcare career.  To learn more about Unitek College, and the programs offered at each of the Unitek College campuses, visit http://www.unitekcollege.edu or call 888-898-1516.

Unitek College: School of Excellence

July 30, 2013 at 4:32 pm

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) recognized Unitek College as a School of Excellence today. We were selected to receive the award, out of a pool of over 800 career schools.

One of the biggest factors in winning the School of Excellence award are our students. Unitek College fosters a high level of achievement among the student body, as proven by our above-average graduation and graduate employment rates. “We are extremely excited and honored to be recognized by the ACCSC for our hard work and commitment to both our students and alumni,” stated Navraj Bawa, President of Unitek College, “This award is a testament to our students’ commitment to education.”

So why are Unitek College students so successful? Because our students, and their success, are our top priority. From the time a student walks in the front door, to the time they land their first allied health or nursing job, Unitek College is with them every step of the way. We foster student achievement through our tailored programs, modern simulation (SIMs) labs, and dedicated instructors, faculty, and staff.

The Career Services department makes a dedicated effort to partner with every student in making their goals a reality. Students enroll in allied health or nursing programs because they are interested in some aspect of healthcare. Maybe it’s pediatrics, or cardiology, or oncology, or any other aspect of medicine. The Career Services department helps students realize that passion, and places them in well-matched externships so they can further explore their interests. Externships are the opportunity to learn the direction in which to take your career. The Career Services department is committed to making sure every student has a career path they will be passionate about. Even after graduation, the Career Services department is happy to help alumni with their job search, offer advice, and give valuable occupational information.

The Unitek College faculty is passionate about what they do and what they teach. Instructors offer office hours, meet with students outside of class, and even offer their cell phone numbers, in an effort to make sure every student has the opportunity to ask them questions or clarify concepts. They ensure that their online students get just as much attention as their on-campus students. According to one instructor, “it doesn’t matter if a student is sitting in her living room listening to a lecture, she should feel like she is sitting in the front of the class.”

Our values guide our work. And we value our students and the contributions they will make in the field of healthcare. So we work to support student success in all areas: in coursework, in graduation, in finding a first job, in furthering their career goals. To be recognized for that work is an honor.

About Unitek College

Unitek College is a healthcare training school with three convenient locations in Northern California, including Fremont, Sacramento, and San Jose. Unitek College offers various healthcare programs, for any stage of your healthcare career.  To learn more about Unitek College, and the programs offered at each of the Unitek College campuses, visit http://www.unitekcollege.edu or call 888-898-1516.

Happy Armed Forces Day from Unitek College!

May 18, 2013 at 1:02 am
Happy Armed Forces Day from Unitek College

Happy Armed Forces Day from Unitek College

Happy Armed Forces Day from Unitek College! On August 31, 1949, Louis Johnson, Secretary of Defense at the time, announced the Armed Forces Day. Armed Forces Day replaced the four separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force Days, to commemorate the fact that all four Armed Forces had been unified under the Department of Defense. Armed Forces Day is an official day for citizens to thank our military service men and women for their service and support of our country.

This year we celebrate Armed Forces Day on May 18th. Armed Forces Day always falls near the end of Armed Forces Week, which begins on the second Saturday of May and ends on the third Sunday of May every year.

The timing of this year’s Armed Forces Day is coincidentally perfect for Unitek College. Unitek College is proud of our military members and veterans all over the world. And we are proud to announce that veterans receiving military benefits now have the option to pursue postsecondary education at Unitek College’s Fremont Main Campus and Sacramento Branch Campus. Unitek College’s Chief Operating Officer, Navraj Bawa, stated “Our military personnel do so much by serving our country. To say we’re excited about providing them education and training to better their lives is an understatement.”

Unitek College accepts the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP), Montgomery GI Bill, and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

The theme of the first Armed Forces Day was “Teamed for Defense”, a celebration of the unification of all US military forces teamed under the Department of Defense. Veterans at Unitek College are “Teamed for Success”. In honor of Armed Forces Day, Veterans at Unitek College gave advice for other veterans who are searching for what to do after their term of service.

Deano Morales, who served in the United States Army for 11 years believes it is very important for veterans to return to school. Deano doesn’t just say this to be cliché. His reasoning is insightful and could only come from someone who has experienced both military and civilian life: “All of the experience and skills we have, and our scope of practice, gives us such an advantage, if we choose the same type of work in civilian life as we did in the military, we will be successful.”

Isela Palmares served in the Marine Corps for 13 years. “Education is for personal growth,” she says, “One class leads to another and before you know it you’re on the road to what you want to do.” Unitek College is proud to help veterans understand, navigate, and use their veteran’s benefits.

The Benefits of Obtaining a BSN Degree Online

April 30, 2013 at 8:36 pm
Online degrees offer flexibility and convenience

Online degrees offer flexibility and convenience

There are plenty of benefits to furthering your nursing education. First and foremost, you will improve the quality of care for your patients, which is ultimately the main goal.

Nurses are busy people: in addition to family responsibilities and working long shifts, nurses balance social lives, personal commitments, and just life in general. There seems like there is never enough time for all of it. So how is one supposed to add “earning an additional college degree” on top of their existing (and seemingly never-ending) to-do list? For most, the time constraints make it impossible. However, online degree programs are changing that. Online RN to BSN programs offer many benefits over a traditional brick and mortar colleges. The benefits that stand out most are: maintaining your lifestyle, receiving superior instruction quality, and saving time and money.

Lifestyle – You are already an RN. You have a job. A hard one. But you have a life outside of nursing. Attending night and weekend classes after work would completely wipe out any free time you once had outside of work. This to me seems like the greatest advantage of an online RN to BSN program. You take classes from home (or library, or coffee shop, or the beach if you get wifi, or wherever you fancy). And you take them on your time. This allows you to maintain the lifestyle you are used to, while still making headway on your degree.

Instruction Quality – There is a misconception that online college courses just can’t offer the same level of instruction as traditional college courses. This is simply not true. Online schools and brick and mortar schools accredited by the same organizations are being held to the same standards. One of those standards is instruction quality. The quality of education of any vocational school, online or in-person, hinges in part on the quality of instructors. Nursing Instructors at Unitek College bring their students years of extensive nursing experience, and a  passion to share their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of nurses. Unitek College’s Fremont Main Campus and Sacramento Branch Campus are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), it’s San Jose Satellite Campus is recognized by the ACCSC as a satellite campus of the Fremont Main Campus.

Time – I’m not talking about the hours of time you save by not sitting in class, as I was in the first section. I am talking about the time it takes you to complete an RN to BSN degree from start to finish. Online courses are often much faster than traditional nursing courses. You are learning at your own speed, but the courses are accelerated and engaging, so you can get through them quickly and get on with the next step in your career. Some online BSN programs can be completed in as little as 20 months. BSN programs at traditional schools take 4 years to complete. Even RN to BSN programs tailored for post-grad working nurses can take years, as classes are only offered at night and are arranged around work schedules.

MoneyOnline RN to BSN programs are unbelievably cheaper than traditional RN to BSN programs. This is because they are taught online.  No buildings or expensive labs to maintain – yet the same caliber education – results in a much less expensive diploma.

If you would like to further explore the all of the benefits of an online RN to BSN degree, please visit us at www.UnitekCollege.edu.

Mobile & Modular Cath Labs: What Nurses Need to Know

November 5, 2012 at 7:02 am

Admin Note:

Have you considered working with Mobile or Modular Cath Labs? Cardiac nursing is a very popular area to get into. Working in critical care; the cardiac cath lab nurse is responsible for administering interventional procedures, assist doctors when implanting pacemakers and cardioverter defibrillators, assist doctors in angioplasties, cardiac catheterizations, and valvuloplasties, and to work closely with the patient. There are many types of equipment you will come across, so we thought we would expand on some of those today.

You have a difficult job as a nurse. Literally, you’re responsible for the health and well-being of your patients, sometimes in life or death situations. That’s why you need to complete your Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or bsn program educational and certification requirements before stepping into the role. And in case traditional facilities aren’t challenging enough, there are also mobile or modular catheterization labs that you might need to use at times throughout your career.

What are mobile or modular cath labs, exactly?

Specifically they’re labs that are typically ordered during a hospital renovation or short-term project where medical functions and research on the heart can be carried out by the institution without skipping a beat in everyday operations. They resemble a medical mobile home and are typically parked adjacent or connected to the medical facility that needs to use them.

What type of equipment is often present in these labs?

It’s similar to what you’d find in any hospital in terms of heart care gear–equipment varying along the likes of electrophysiology, heart catherization, mobile angio hardware and pediatric cath technology.

The mobile lab can also be deployed for training and demonstrative purposes, which is fitting because no matter what a hospital or medical facility requires, proper training and use of the equipment is essential. After all, would you want a nurse untrained in such equipment working on your heart?

Here’s a closer look at the types of equipment you’re likely to find in such labs and the general scope of training nurses need:


Measures the electrical activities of the heart. The types of equipment you would find surrounding this category of instruments include voltage clamps, current clamps, patch clamps and planar patch clamps. Such instruments help nurses and other medical professionals study and measure the ions and tissues from a biological standpoint, helping professionals better understand and treat heart conditions and diseases. If they’re not used correctly, they won’t give you the correct results, which can certainly impact how you treat certain conditions.

Heart cauterization

Imaging tools, catheters and flex tools are all used to gain either physical or virtual entry into the heart to test and perform heart treatment. Misuse of such equipment could worsen heart conditions and even lead to irreversible damage.

Mobile angio

Imaging devices and other equipment for performing mobile angioplasty also exists in mobile cath labs. Angioplasty is an increasingly common yet complicated procedure. But the latter point can be stated about almost any procedure involving the heart.

Pediatric cath labs

These labs involve heart conditions in children. Such labs include cardiac imaging systems, monitoring systems, injection systems and digital archiving technologies. It’s all advanced and specialized equipment that nurses can gain an overview on by watching instructional videos, or observing in the field. But how much can you grasp on a particular instrument from watching someone else demonstrate it? Pediatric cath lab equipment, like all of the other equipment listed above, is best learned with hands-on training.

There’s a bevy of equipment that nurses who are stationed in these mobile or modular cath labs need to be educated on. Such training isn’t something that’s learned overnight, but learned with hours of both instructional text and hands-on demonstration and practice. Your employer may also make specialty classes mandatory, where you need to pass tests and/or acquire proper certification. Are you ready to step up to the challenge? Your patients are depending on you.

Nurses who wish to work in this area must have an Associated Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelors Degree (BSN) along with 2 years of experience working as an RN. Contact Unitek College to learn how you can get started in this exciting specialty area today.

About the Author:

Drew James produces content for Modular Devices. When he’s not writing, you can catch him running urban trails all over the Midwest.


All Images were provided by Modular Devices.

How can I Earn my BSN Degree online?

May 5, 2012 at 9:41 pm
Explore your options for getting your BSN degree

Explore your options for getting your BSN degree

Earning your BSN degree offers you the chance to become a leader in the nursing industry or enter the world of nurse management and training. However, before you can do that, you will need to have the education necessary to earn your credentials. How do you go about earning a degree from a BSN school?

Find a School

The first step to getting your degree is to find the right school. Nursing schools differ significantly from one another. You will find private schools, public schools, distance learning programs and more. Make sure the program you choose is a good fit for your needs, both academically and financially. Check the school’s wait time for new enrollment, their tuition costs and student to teacher ratio. There is tremendous opportunity in choosing an Online program over a traditional on-campus program as these provide flexibility to work in parallel to taking the BSN.


The next step, obviously, is to enroll in the BSN school of your choice. However, this might be easier said than done. Quite a few schools have rather lengthy wait times due to high enrollment. Before you decide on a school, make sure you won’t have to wait to get your education. Consider the opportunity cost associated with waiting for  an enrollment. If you can speed up the return on investing in an RN to BSN program by starting and finishing in a timely manner, you will definitely be ahead of your game.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

Once you’re enrolled in the school of your choice, you can set about earning your bachelor’s degree. Many factors determine the length of your study program, but in most cases, an online degree program can help you cut down on the length of time you spend in school.

The process for earning your degree is relatively straightforward. However, that does not mean it’s simple and easy. You need to be dedicated to getting your degree and advancing your career. You also need to ensure that you’ve made the right choice in schools. For help in reducing your enrollment period, consider attending a school that offers an online program.

To learn more about Online BSN degree programs, contact Unitek College, a nationally accredited industry leader in providing career training through programs such as Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN Program), Registered Nursing (RN) and Bachelors of Science Nursing – RN to BSN To learn more about Unitek College and the programs we offer at each of our campuses, visit http://www.unitekcollege.edu or call 888-735-4355.

Top 5 Nursing Web Resources

January 13, 2012 at 5:45 am

I’ve checked out a lot of websites and web resources which focus on health care, nurse news and job information and there are a few tried and true ones that I have come to depend upon. I thought I’d share this information with you as you pursue your RN to BSN degree. When you know where to look for information, it helps with time management and these sites can become a valuable friend.

1) Scrubsmag.com – I don’t know how many times I’ve used this resource for finding information for this blog. From valuable interview skills to surviving nursing school to interacting with patients, this site has a ton of great information. I also love the sense of humor it brings to an otherwise stressful or frustrating occupation. Its people in the know writing to their peers.

2) NurseZone.com – This site is also perfect for getting job finding tips, locating nursing conferences and events and for getting the latest online nursing news. It’s quite a bit more serious and cut and dry than Scrubs Magazine, but it has a ton of practical information for current nurses and for those who are just entering the field.

3) FierceHealthcare.com – Want to know the latest news stories in health care? This is an in depth site that also sends out daily posts on the top stories. I check this site almost daily to report to you on the most current trends, strikes and reports that impact nurses and those in the medical field.

4) Google Alerts – I discovered this great tool when I started blogging. Type in Google.com/alerts and you can get up to the moment stories on whatever topic you are interested in. You can choose how often, what time of day and what media you want sent to your e-mail address. I’ve selected topics such as RN to BSN news, nursing news, etc. but it would also be perfect for San Francisco nursing jobs, BSN jobs, etc. to keep you updated on the nursing world.

5) Bls.gov – Okay, this one may seem a little lame, but the government’s reports concerning the Bureau of Labor Statistics is pretty cool if you want to keep tabs on where nurses make the most money, what the job market projections look like and where the most job growth is.

So those are my favorite sites to stay up-to-date on the nursing world. Hopefully as a student getting an online RN to BSN degree, you’ll find this information as valuable as I have.

The Special Role of a Hospice Nurse

January 11, 2012 at 10:55 pm

I had a dear friend of mine battle cancer for three years before the disease took her life. I had the honor of staying with her when her husband had errands to run and I took her to some of her doctor’s appointments and tried to get her mind off of the pain for a second or two. It was one of the hardest, most precious things I have ever done in my life. I only had a slight glimmer of what a hospice nurse does and I give them my upmost respect.

As a nurse with an RN to BSN degree there are tons of areas that you can specialize in. Last post I discussed the new role of the nurse health coach and today I saw an informative article on the life of a hospice nurse. Granted, it takes an amazingly compassionate and grounded person to pursue this career, but I can think of few roles that are more important and heartwarming.

In The Missourian reporter Melanie Loth followed hospice nurse Dorothy Rainwater to fully understand what the day in the life of a hospice nurse is truly like. “For Rainwater, illness and death have become commonplace. And she has learned to draw a necessary line in her life between professional and personal.

“You go into the whole thing with the knowledge that this is all going in one direction,” she says. “The day is going to come when the patient is going to go on.”

The life of a hospice nurse is a team effort to make the final days of a terminal patient as comfortable as you possibly can. “Home care aides, chaplains, social workers, volunteers and nurses work together to care for patients and keep each other informed of patient needs: Home care aides tend to basics such as bathing or changing bed pads. Chaplains help patients and family spiritually as death nears. Social workers deal with emotional and psychological issues about death; they also schedule visits with families after a patient’s death. Volunteers visit patients simply to talk and provide company. The nurses are in charge of monitoring the patient’s physical condition, recommending medicines, and at core, controlling pain.”When all of these factors work together, it makes the end of a patient’s life valued and comforts both the patient and the surrounding family members.
Being a hospice nurse is a difficult job that takes a special person. With your BSN degree, you can find a plethora of avenues to help hurting people.

To read the complete article mentioned in this post, please visit